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October 14th, 2011

The website will soon be updated with exciting news related to Wolf of the Woods Brewing.

Ellie has the Christmas spirit

December 11th, 2007

 dsc02175-small.JPG dsc02179-small.JPG dsc02170-small.JPG

Ellie has two teeth

December 11th, 2007

Behind all of that chocolate pudding are Ellie’s two teeth (picture taken 12/04/07).


Ladybug Chair

August 16th, 2007

Grammi got Ellie her own little chair to sit in while we were at Lake Winnepesaukee.

dsc01937_small.JPG dsc01938_small.JPG

Brewed Raspberry Stout/ Coffee Stout

July 22nd, 2007

Today I brewed an American Stout.  I plan on splitting the batch in half and using my new 3 gallon cornelius kegs.  For batch #1 I plan to add 3lbs. of Oregon-brand red raspberry fruit pruree.  For batch #2 I plan to add cold pressed coffee for flavor and will “dry hop” with lightly cracked espresso beans in the keg for coffee aroma.  The original gravity ended up being 1.071.  The fruit addition should add another .5-1% alcohol.  If fermentation goes perfectly, batch #1 will be 7.3-8.2% alc./vol. and batch #2 should be 6.8-7.2% alc./vol.  The base recipe is below:

Red Raspberry/ Coffee Stout

A ProMash Brewing Session – Recipe Details Report

BJCP Style and Style Guidelines

13-E  Stout, American Stout

Min OG:  1.050   Max OG:  1.075
Min IBU:    35   Max IBU:    75
Min Clr:    30   Max Clr:    48  Color in SRM, Lovibond

Recipe Specifics

Batch Size (Gal):         6.00    Wort Size (Gal):    6.00
Total Grain (Lbs):       16.50
Anticipated OG:          1.068    Plato:             16.53
Anticipated SRM:          43.6
Anticipated IBU:          42.3
Brewhouse Efficiency:       70 %
Wort Boil Time:            100    Minutes

   %     Amount     Name                          Origin        Potential SRM
 66.7    11.00 lbs. Pale Malt(2-row)              America        1.036      2
  6.1     1.00 lbs. CaraPilsner                   France         1.035     10
  6.1     1.00 lbs. Munich Malt(light)            Canada         1.034     15
  6.1     1.00 lbs. Roasted Barley                America        1.028    450
  6.1     1.00 lbs. Wheat Malt                    America        1.038      2
  3.0     0.50 lbs. Black Malt                    Belgium        1.030    600
  3.0     0.50 lbs. Crystal 10L                   America        1.035     10
  3.0     0.50 lbs. Crystal 40L                   America        1.034     40

   Amount     Name                              Form    Alpha  IBU  Boil Time
  0.75 oz.    Chinook                           Pellet  12.60  36.8  63 min.
  0.25 oz.    Cascade                           Pellet   4.70   4.6  63 min.
  0.25 oz.    Cascade                           Pellet   4.70   0.9  10 min.
  0.30 oz.    Cascade                           Pellet   4.70   0.0  0 min.
  0.14 oz.    Chinook                           Pellet  12.60   0.0  0 min.

WYeast 1318 London Ale III

Ellie’s First Professional Haircut

July 9th, 2007

Ellie got her first professional haircut on June 30, 2007.  I guess she was a little dissapointed with her first (unprofessional) haircut done by dad. 

dsc01823-1_small.JPG  dsc01828_small.JPG 

           Before                After

Ellie is Eating Solids

July 9th, 2007

Ellie is now eating solids.  In the picture below, taken June 14, 2007, she is enjoying some apple sauce.


President Bush Can’t Pour a Beer?

June 9th, 2007

“Lil’ Sprout Stout” Judges Notes

June 9th, 2007

The beer was rated as outstanding (a world class example of the style.  A beer with great character and no flaws). 

Judge 1:

Aroma (10/12):  Sweet Vanilla, Chocolate and coffee; they keep travelin places for first place.

Appearance (3/3):  Black, decent head.

Flavor (17/20):  Coffee, chocolate, vanilla, sweet.  Bitterness balances.  Nothing dominates.  Beer charactr is hidden – more like a mocha than a beer.

Moutfeel (5/5):  Thivk, but no cloying.  Smooth.

Overall Impression (9/10):  Lots of credit for non-burnt coffee flavor.  Balance is great.  Doesn’t come across as a beer though okay.  Malt is like malted milk!  Great job.

Total Score:  44/50.

Judge 2:

Aroma (10/12):  Sweet vanilla, cocoa dominate (with lactose notable), while coffee and roasted malts linger in background; little to no hop aroma, clean; aroma seems to dissipate in time.

Appearance (3/3):Pours out with tan, fine-bubbled head, which lingers a few minutes.

Flavor (18/20):  Like aroma, but coffee and milkshake qualities come up to balance sweetness and vanilla; nice malted milk ball character.

Mouthfeel (5/5):  Medium-full bod, very creamy and silky, with an appropriate balance of hop/ roast astringency at end to balance vanilla/ cocoa sweetness.  Slight alcohol warmth at end.

Overall Impression (44/50):  All flavors tight, well-balanced; nice execution of the specialty stout.

Total Score:  44/50.

Homebrew Competition Results

June 2nd, 2007

Here is a picture of Ellie and I.


We are so proud of placing second with “Lil’ Sprout Stout”.  I’ll be posting results and comments from the judges soon.